Hi! I’m Erin. As life evolves, so does a home. Join me as I share DIY projects to update, renovate, decorate and improve my home to complement my empty-nest lifestyle. I believe that decor can evolve as well. Many of my DIY projects involve reimagining items that I already have to make them current and give them new life. Don’t get me wrong–I like pretty, new things sometimes. But, I always try to first find a creative way to use the stuff I have before I buy new stuff.  My dream home is a European farmhouse. I love to incorporate elements of that style mixed with traditional and cottage. My evolving life includes more adventures with my husband, Dave, and our two cattle dogs, Steve and Olive. I’ll also take you along as we help our three adult children renovate, decorate and DIY their homes. My daughter, Meghan, is an excellent cook, so watch for her recipes and tips from time to time. I hope you’ll find inspiration for whatever season of life you’re in. We’re all evolving!