DIY Christmas Gift Tags Made From Wrapping Paper

Why buy gift tags when you can create these DIY Christmas gift tags to match your wrapping paper for a beautiful presentation under your tree? When I decided to wrap my gifts this year on a very cold and rainy day, I realized I didn’t have any gift tags that coordinated with my wrapping paper. Necessity is the mother of invention, and I did not want to go out in the rain, so I came up with this easy and beautiful DIY option.

The first step in creating these DIY gift cards is to choose two coordinating wrapping papers. My Christmas tree this year has a winter wonderland theme. You can see it in this post. I had already gotten solid and print wrapping papers in shades of green (my favorite). Two patterned papers would work, too, as long as you mix a large and a small print.

Two Christmas wrapping papers in shades of green that will be used for DIY gift tags.

Find a suitable backing for your tags

Next, you’ll need to find a firm, but not-too-thick backing for your tags. I happened to have a stash of scrapbook materials that have not seen the light of day since the 90s. I pulled out a piece of off-white scrapbook paper and knew it would work well as a backing for my tags. If you don’t have scrapbook paper, craft paper or even the backs of old Christmas cards would work. If you use card backs, you’ll cover the printed side, so that you have a plain back to your tags. This is important, as the back is where you write your to-and-from message.

Solid wrapping paper and craft paper to be glued together for DIY Christmas gift tags

Gather other needed supplies

Now you’ll need to gather some basic supplies: scissors, a hole punch and glue. I used both a glue stick and Tacky Glue to make these tags. If your paper is glittery, you’ll definitely need the Tacky Glue as the glue stick glue doesn’t adhere well to the shiny stuff!

Finally, find a pretty ribbon or string to use to attach your tag to your package. I really wanted a braided string, like this, but I didn’t have any on hand. Some silver ribbon did the trick. The ribbon that you use for this project should be pretty narrow. Mine was 1/8 inch.

Assemble your tags

Now you’re ready to assemble your gift tags.

First, glue the solid paper (or either of the prints if you use two patterned papers) to whatever you’re using for your backing. I used a glue stick for this purpose. You need to cover the entire surface of the backing so that when you cut out your tag all edges are attached.


Second, choose an image on the patterned paper to appear on your tag. My paper featured lovely reindeer in snow scenes. I zoned in on a variety of these images for my tags. Once you’ve chosen your image, draw straight lines around the image and cut it out. I used my sewing mat to make the lines as level as possible. Actually, I started out using the mat, and then I just eyeballed it. I want my tags to look pretty, but they’re probably going to be discarded with the wrapping, so don’t overthink them.

A patterned wrapping paper with a line drawn to indicate where to cut to make DIY gift tags

Third, position your printed image on the solid paper that is glued to the backing, and glue the printed image to the solid paper. I had to use Tacky Glue for this part, since my solid paper was glittery.

Two wrapping papers glued together with Tacky Glue to make DIY Christmas gift tags

Fourth, draw a line on the solid paper around the printed paper that is equidistant on all sides and cut along the line.

Illustration of drawing a line around a patterned wrapping paper for a DIY Christmas gift tag

Finally, punch a hole in the corner of your tag with a hole punch and insert your ribbon or string. Write your message on the back, and you’re all set!

A DIY Christmas gift tag with a hole punched in the corner

Display your tags on your gifts under the tree!

DIY Christmas gift tags attached to gifts
Gifts under a tree with DIY gift tags matching the theme of the tree

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