Curating and Hanging a Vintage Gallery Wall

Framed vintage art on a gallery wall

How to combine thrifted, found and purchased frames and art to create a vintage gallery wall that looks collected and intentional Gallery walls are popular because they can provide an interesting and beautiful way to fill a large space. While there are no hard and fast rules for hanging them, gallery walls will appear intentional […]

Pouf Up Your Macramé Pouf

How to add stuffing to your macramé pouf for a like-new shape and improved function This pouf had lost its puff. It had been pulling double duty as a footrest and extra seating way  back when we were able to have so many guests in our house that someone had to sit on a pouf. […]

Quick and Budget Friendly Chandelier Update

How to use inexpensive materials to give your outdated chandelier a new look . . . and a bonus budget-friendly, but not-so-quick option This chandelier has great curves, but she’s not accessorized very well. The dated globes are heavy and dark. I thought I could give her an update by simply removing the globes, but, […]